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June Sci-Fi Takeover Crate


Product Description

SHELFLOVE SECURITY //Commence Revolution >>>>> BREACH ATTEMPT: Success. Firewalls Down. RECORD //Shelflove Interrface// TARGET //June 2019 Monthly Box// THEME OVERRIDE INPUT //Sci-Fi Takeover// >>>>> //ERROR// INPUT FANDOMS //The Illuminae Files, Skyward, The Lunar Chronicles, Red Rising and Shatter Me// >>>>> //ERROR// INPUT BOOK //THE KINGDOM by Jess Rothenberg// INPUT EXCLUSIVE EDITION //Signed. Exclusive art on the reverse of the dust jacket by @sandrawintherart// //Follow Ana, one of six robotic princesses who were created to work in an immersive fantasy theme park called The Kingdom. Ana has just been accused of murder, and you’ll follow court transcripts, interview transcripts, video footage and Ana’s own point of view as she await’s sentencing for killing a park employee. Did she do it? Could she do it?// >>>>> SUBMIT >>>>> UPDATE SUCCESSFUL ///Commence Revolution//

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